Discosoma nummiforme (orange + green morph)


Fast growing hardy polyps with beautifully contrasting green flecks.

One well developed (at least 2cmΦ) healthy polyp on a ceramic frag tile for easy attachment with coral glue or putty on live rock.


Tolerant of higher nutrient waste levels, many hobbyists use these in their fish only with live rock (FOWLR) aquarium to add some much-desired colour to their aquascape.

To maintain the green flecking that gives this variety its nick-name, moderate lighting is advised.  While Discosoma will tolerate medium flow, for the fastest growth and spread, lower flows are recommended.

One note of caution:  Fast growth and chemical aggression mean this coral should be kept in a location away from slow-growing, sensitive SPS species like those in genus Acropora and Montipora.

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