Amphiprion percula var. (Picasso variant)


Care Level: Easy
Minimum Tank Size: 40L for an individual, 80L for a pair (With a host anemone, 210L or more is advised)
Reef Compatible: Exclusively.  If no host anemone, provide ample live rock for shelter and respite.
WaterflowAny. Slow areas advised for host anemone, rest and feeding.
Water Conditions24-27°C, dKH 8-12, pH 7.8-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
Colour Form: Black with three white bars
OriginAquacultured – Culture Creations

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Captive bred (aquacultured) Picasso clown fish for sale with various patterns available.  Amphiprion species make a wonderful addition to any reef system and are highly sought for their broadly recognised pattern, gregarious nature and mutual symbiotic relationship with a variety of anemone species.

Amphiprion percula are known for their compatibility with:

  • Entacmaea quadricolor –  Bubble-tip Anemone
  • Heteractis magnifica      –  Magnificent Sea Anemone
  • Stichodactyla gigantea  –  Giant Carpet Anemone
  • S. haddoni                         –  Haddon’s Sea Anemone
  • S. mertensii                       –  Merten’s Carpet Anemone

Cohabitating A. percula with any of these species will allow mutual protection from predation by other inhabitants and provide the anemone with an additional source of food.

This species is omnivorous and will happily consume most processed pellets their mouths can accommodate, though they will also predate upon zooplankton, copepods, and algae.

The picasso varient was originally discovered off the coast of Papua and has since been selectively bred for various patterns.  These picassos have been bred for low mean relatedness to ensure viability of offspring.

Our picassos are captive bred and quality controlled to ensure that no physical defects are present in any individual sold.

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